India needs SC-ST sub-quota. And the Supreme Court just removed one key roadblock -Yogendra Yadav

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published Published on Sep 9, 2020   modified Modified on Sep 10, 2020

It took the SC 10 years to say that an unjust order on sub-quotas needed a rethink. And then another six years for a Justice Arun Mishra-led bench to say the court may have been wrong.

The last thing you expect me to do in these times is to welcome a Supreme Court judgment by Justice Arun Mishra’s bench. But it so happens that among the various questionable and controversial orders passed by Justice Arun Mishra before his retirement, one stood out for its positive potential. This judgment can remove a long-standing roadblock in fine-tuning India’s existing reservation policies. But it is too early to applaud.  It would take another round of court hearings, careful legislative work and evidence-based policymaking for its positive potentials to be realised. Otherwise, it could open up a pandora’s box of political manipulations.

This is about sub-classification of reservation quota meant for Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST). Job and educational quotas for these communities have not achieved all that was needed or hoped, but this is one of the few state interventions that has achieved something substantial. Across the world, India’s experience with reservations must be listed as one of the success stories of affirmative action for historically disadvantaged communities.

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