It’s about food, nutrition and livelihood security -MS Swaminathan & Nitya Rao

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published Published on May 2, 2020   modified Modified on May 3, 2020

-The Hindu

Farmers’ cooperation, technological upgrading and favourable public policies can help India deal with the pandemic

The current national lockdown to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the problems of food, nutrition and livelihood security confronting a large number of rural people, in particular, migrants to cities. While some measures have been announced, such as provision of additional rice or wheat, some pulses and oil free of cost, as well as 1,000 cash for the purchase of other essential commodities through the Public Distribution System (PDS), we need to understand the different dimensions of food security in a holistic manner in order to address this problem in its totality.

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The Hindu, 2 May, 2020,

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