How Long will the Indian Poor be Invisible? -Scharada Dubey

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published Published on Aug 8, 2020   modified Modified on Aug 9, 2020

It was ok for all of us to just label them as “migrant workers” and take shelter in the political correctness of this term since it might so easily have been, “these poor people”.

I have often wondered how little of our public discourse is about the poor and the lives they lead. Considering the vast number of people who eke out an existence in our country that bears comparison with the lives of people from the most deprived regions of the world, there is very little discussion and debate in the media about our poorest citizens and their concerns.

A classic expression of this invisibility of the poor for our media and the people who wield power at different levels and positions is the reference to “migrant workers” that briefly dominated our discourse in recent times.

It was remarkable that urban, educated citizens who used the term made no mention of their own relationship to these “migrant workers”. After all, it was their services that had enriched and enlivened their existence for so long. They cleaned our homes, they cooked our food, they ironed our clothes, they kept our malls and theatres gleaming. Ironically, we still did not feel any personal connection with these people as individuals.

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