Job loss certainty highest among villagers & Muslims -Pheroze L Vincent

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published Published on Jun 22, 2020   modified Modified on Jun 22, 2020

-The Telegraph

Tablighi stigma and need for government support come up during hindi-belt survey

Job loss rates have been similar in rural and urban areas but the perceived “surety of losing work” is higher in the rural areas and the highest among Muslims among communities, a survey of 1,405 workers across nine Hindi-speaking states has found.

“The survey revealed that the perception of uncertainty about future of work was the highest among women and inter-state migrants, and certainty of job loss highest among Muslim workers,” says the study, titled “Labouring Lives: Hunger, Precarity and Despair amid Lockdown”.

“Discrimination against Muslim workers in connection with the Tablighi Jamaat issue came up in the interviews.”

The researchers have added: “Contrary to expectations, rural and urban areas have very little difference in terms of job loss. This indicates that without adequate state support, it would be extremely difficult for the poor to survive in the lockdown period, irrespective of location.”

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The Telegraph, 22 June, 2020,

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