Manesar: Protest Against Labour Codes Sees Unionisation of Contract Staff -Ronak Chhabra

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published Published on Oct 16, 2020   modified Modified on Oct 17, 2020

Fearing that recent changes in labour laws will lead to further contractualisation of labour, several contract workers have joined the unionised of an auto component firm.

New Delhi: Better late than never, as the adage goes. In a significant development, a section of contract workers in a major auto component manufacturing company in Manesar has turned to unionisation by enrolling themselves in the employees’ body representing permanent employees.

The staff of the Bellsonica Auto Component India Pvt. Ltd. (BACI), a vending company to leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki, many of whom have completed five to six years as contractual workers, were offered membership of the permanent employees’ union, and around 145 of them are expected to join.

“This is an important day for the employees’ union as it remains committed to safeguard the rights of the factory workers –also those on contract,” BACI Employees’ Union president Atul Kumar told NewsClick, adding that the union, formed in 2014, will see for the first time non-permanent workers as members.

What has spurred this development is the realisation among the wider workforce that only collective fight for rights can yield results, following a united protest against the four labour codes in Haryana’s industrial town.

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