Mega survey to track jobs in small companies starts in April -Yogima Seth Sharma & Kirtika Suneja

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published Published on Apr 5, 2018   modified Modified on Apr 5, 2018
-The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: The government will have a brand new set of employment numbers to flash before the next general elections in 2019, which will highlight job creation.

Under the first of its kind massive survey, which starts on the first week of April, the government wants to track employment generation in micro, small and medium enterprises that are currently out of the coverage of the social security net.

The survey will give special attention to enterprises with less than 10 employees, and it is likely to be ready in a year’s time.

The government reckons that computing data for employment generation in the unorganised sector will significantly push the overall employment generation numbers in the country and help in countering the allegations of jobless growth.

As per the seventh quarterly employment survey, 1.36 lakh jobs were created in the July-October quarter last year across eight sectors, which account for 81% of the country’s total organised workforce.

This was more than double the 64,000 jobs created in the preceding quarter and more than four times the 32,000 jobs created a year ago. However, the numbers are still well below the 10 million people that enter the country’s workforce every year.

The Economic Census 2013-14 has pegged the number of employees in the country at 13 crore, of which barely 2.4 crore are in the organised sector or in firms with more than 10 employees. Hence, there are 10.6 crore people in the unorganised sector.

Labour bureau, under ministry of labour and employment, will launch the area frame survey of enterprises with less than 10 workers in April and it will take a year for the government to come out with the first survey of unorganised workers who are mostly deprived of social security benefits as well as even minimum wages.

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The Economic Times, 26 March, 2018,

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