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Migration: I am biased, for people -Sunita Narain

-Down to Earth

We must not build a divisive agenda on migration, otherwise it will lead to endless spread of hatred

It is not possible to be neutral in these times. I believe the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA), which fast tracks Indian citizenship to immigrants of certain religions, is deeply flawed. Not only it is against the secular nature of the country, but it also completely misses addressing the massive issue of human migration. Migration is not just about foreigners entering India illegally; not even just about Indians immigrating out—often illegally. It is also about internal migration.

When people move to cities and countries, it builds tension between “insiders” and “outsiders”. We need a response to this. CAA takes all this and makes it into a simple issue of providing citizenship based on religion to fix historical injustice of partition — creation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the basis of religion. It is selective, parochial and unjust. Worse, it will divide us along “insider” and “outsider” lines and spread hatred.

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