NCRB data on farmers' suicides is out with key omission -- reasons -Deeptiman Tiwary

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published Published on Nov 10, 2019   modified Modified on Oct 2, 2020
-The Indian Express

The data shows that Maharashtra accounted for almost 40 per cent of all farmer suicides in the country in 2016. Karnataka (1,212) was second on the list but still recorded 50 per cent less farmers’ suicides than Maharashtra.

After withholding data on incidents of lynchings, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has released figures on farmers’ suicides but with a key element from the previous edition missing this time — reasons for the suicides.

The bureau’s latest Accidental Death and Suicide report for 2016 shows that while Maharashtra saw a 20 per cent dip from the previous year, in line with the national trend, the state continued to top the list with 2,550 of the 6,270 farmers’ suicides recorded nationwide.

Significantly, the NCRB did not release the data on farmers’ suicides alongwith its much-delayed crime data on October 21, the day of voting in the Maharashtra Assembly elections. Overall, the data shows that while farmer suicides have dropped by almost 21 per cent, those by farm labourers have gone up by 10 per cent.

In its previous reports, however, the NCRB had included reasons behind farmers’ suicides under categories such as farm distress, crop failure, loans, family problems, illness, etc.

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The Indian Express, 9 November, 2019,

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