NCRB silence on farmer suicides: Reason given by govt fails against earlier data -Deeptiman Tiwary

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published Published on Dec 2, 2019   modified Modified on Dec 2, 2019
-The Indian Express

The latest NCRB report does not enlist reasons for farmer suicides.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs told Parliament last week that the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) had done away with diversified data on farmer suicides in its latest report as many states reported the figure to be “nil”, and hence recording reasons for the suicides was “untenable”.

However, an analysis of previous NCRB data shows that states such as Bihar and West Bengal have never sent any data on farmer suicides. Still, the agency published the data with reasons for suicides.

The Indian Express had reported on November 9 that the latest NCRB report does not enlist reasons for farmer suicides. In its previous reports, the agency had listed reasons under categories such as farm distress, crop failure, loans, family problems, illness, etc.

Former NCRB officials have questioned the reason cited by the government not to classify farmer suicides data, as resulting from agrarian crisis or debt or personal reasons. “In the 2015 and 2016 reports too many states reported ‘nil’ farmer suicides. That does not mean the available data must not be categorised according to causes of suicides. If this argument was valid, farmer suicide data itself should not be published,” an ex-NCRB officer said.

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The Indian Express, 2 December, 2019,

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