‘Light But Tight’: Whose National Education Policy is it Anyway? -G Arunima

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published Published on Aug 4, 2020   modified Modified on Aug 5, 2020

-Outlook India

Merit, not inclusion. ‘Holistic’ instead of ‘liberal’. Shallow eclecticism rather than criticality: NEP 2020 is full of pious keywords that mask a violent lurch back towards hierarchy and unfreedoms.

The past decade has witnessed tumultuous events and changes in the history of Indian higher education. In part, some of these stand out as they are recent, and still alive in public memory. These have ranged from fierce student protests demanding affordable education, battles against rampant caste- and gender-based violence on different campuses, and the demands for upholding constitutional values that define the democratic rights of citizens, like the right to free speech and dissent.

The National Education Policy (NEP), which was passed recently by the cabinet without any parliamentary debate or discussion, needs to be read against the backdrop of these ongoing issues that have been central to the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), especially the public university. Many have already raised areas of grave concern with different aspects of the NEP, including what the academic and social implications of this would be. In this brief response I want to draw attention to two kinds of broad influences that frame the present NEP.

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Outlook India, 4 August, 2020, https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/opinion-light-but-tight-whose-national-education-policy-is-it-anyway/357968?fbclid=IwAR2hx9qD6aw6OfPNpy78oyyAs0e_WcbG182npk5SeHtX_jrSZ-dpqiuPkDE

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