One out of five in informal sector are out of work post lockdown -Prashant K Nanda

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published Published on Jan 27, 2021   modified Modified on Jan 28, 2021

More than two-thirds (69%) of those employed in February had lost work during the lockdown, the survey said

Almost one out of every five workers in the informal sector are either out of labour market or remain unemployed, said a new survey by the Azim Premji University for the post-lockdown October-December period found.

The survey showed that while 3% were unemployed and 4% more were out of the labour market in the pre-lockdown period (February), during the lockdown, 61% were unemployed and 10% were out of the labour market. And if one compares that with the post-lockdown period, at least 11% are still out of the labour market and 8% are unemployed.

“Given that the sample is an informal sample coming from the more vulnerable households, where employment should be the default status, 19% is a huge number," the survey conducted by APU with support from six social organizations underlined.

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