Pandemic may impact goal to ‘double farm income’ by 2022: Official -Priscilla Jebaraj

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published Published on Feb 14, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 15, 2021

-The Hindu

“Only implementation of strategies is being monitored, rather than actual outcomes”

New Delhi: In the last year of its mission to double farmers income, the Centre admits that no actual assessment of farm income has been carried out since 2013.

Ashok Dalwai, head of the committee on doubling farmers income, told The Hindu that only the implementation of strategies is being monitored, rather than actual outcomes. He cautioned that the impact of the pandemic could have a dampening effect on reaching the income target.

In response to multiple pointed queries on the topic in Parliament this week, the government did not provide any details on what the base year for this goal is or what the targeted income to be achieved by the 2022 deadline is.

Shiv Sena MP Krupal Balaji Tumane raised the issue in the Lok Sabha, asking what the base year was on the basis of which doubling would be calculated and if the government has fixed any income target for farmers for 2022. The Agriculture Ministry did not answer either question, instead responding with a brief on the Committee for Doubling Farmers Income, constituted in April 2016, and the strategies it recommended.

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The Hindu, 14 February, 2021,

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