Raging Pandemic and Unreliable Monsoon: The Unending Sorrow of the Homeless -Ritwika Mitra

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published Published on Aug 14, 2021   modified Modified on Aug 24, 2021


According to the Census 2011 the country has more than 1.7 million homeless people, among whom 938,384 live in urban areas. However, the number of homeless persons remains grossly under-documented till date.

Sultana and her husband, Sheikh Mofizul, are still struggling to come to terms with the death of their newborn. There is a lot to deal with – the loss of livelihood, death of a 13-day-old child, the deteriorating health of their two other children, the lack of two square meals a day and, most importantly, a roof over their heads.

When severe rainfall struck the capital in July, their newborn got sick. “The rain was torrential... He got a fever. By morning, he was dead,” says Sultana, a blank look on her face. Next to her, her two-year-old son wailed from the pain caused by blisters.

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Newsclick.in, 14 August, 2021, https://www.newsclick.in/raging-pandemic-and-unreliable-monsoon-unending-sorrow-homeless

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