Soon, a child can withdraw from Aadhaar at adulthood -S Ronendra Singh

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published Published on Dec 5, 2018   modified Modified on Dec 5, 2018
-The Hindu Business Line

Law Ministry readies Cabinet note

New Delhi:
Attaining adulthood gives a lot of rights to a teenager such as voting, driving, marriage in the case of a girl. Now, there will be additional one — the power to withdraw his/her Aadhaar account and delete all identity details, including biometrics.

A Cabinet note has been prepared in which a provision is proposed to be made in the Aadhaar Act that will give a child on attaining maturity (18 years) the power to withdraw his/her Aadhaar details and thereby asking the Unique Authority of India (UIDAI) to strike down all the details from its servers.

This will mean the UIDAI will have to delete all the data, including biometrics of the person who withdraws from the scheme.

According to sources in the know, a Cabinet note has been prepared by the Ministry of Law and Justice on this, and will be tabled at a Cabinet meeting soon.

“The choice will be given to the child once he/she attains the maturity age, and he/she will have only six months to take the final decision,” a senior government official said.

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The Hindu Business Line, 4 December, 2018,

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