The double standards in support to farmers stir -Rohit Parakh

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published Published on Mar 3, 2021   modified Modified on Mar 7, 2021

-The Hindu Business Line

Developed nations need to look at their own subsidies to farmers, policies on GM crop and pesticide exports

The ongoing farmers’ protest has attracted a lot of global attention. So much so that the External Affairs Ministry even put out a rejoinder after some global celebrities tweeted in support of the protest. Some sections of the Indian diaspora, too, expressed their support which has attracted criticism back home.

Agriculture and food issues are increasingly connected in today’s world. How global food policies are shaped impacts Indian farmers and consumers. Consequently, to support Indian farmers, these countries must be questioned on their actions which directly have a detrimental impact on our farmers.

Countries and blocs such as the US, the EU, Japan, Australia, and Canada have opposed India’s MSP regime at the WTO. These countries’ stand must be questioned as they provide much higher subsidies to their farmers.

According to a Centre of World Trade Organization Studies report, the per farmer notified domestic support stands at $8,588 for the EU, $61,286 for the US, $13,010 for Canada whereas it is just $282 per Indian farmer.

As a result India and other developing countries have been calling for reform of the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) at the WTO for a number of years now.

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The Hindu Business Line, 3 March, 2021,

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