The echo of migrant footfalls and the silence on policy -Sanjoy Hazarika

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published Published on May 28, 2020   modified Modified on Oct 1, 2020

-The Hindu

There are four things that need to be done in the country in the wake of the pandemic crisis

When we hear the word migration, we think of Kerala and West Asia, or the United States and the West. However, the number of Indians who have migrated over the past decades to these geographies is minuscule compared to the vastness of the movement within the country. A few years ago, I came across an estimate of over 300 million for the scale of internal migration in India. This is nearly three times the official figures which are being cited now. The number is high because migration also takes place within a State, not just between States or across international borders. The estimate for China at the time was similar.

Across the world, every year, people migrate for work, livelihoods, marriage, seeking refuge, business and even peace of mind.

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The Hindu, 28 May, 2020,

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