The key strategy is fiscal empowerment of States -M Govinda Rao

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published Published on Apr 22, 2020   modified Modified on Apr 22, 2020

-The Hindu

The Centre must recognise that winning the war on COVID-19 is linked to the States being armed with enough resources

The scale of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has never been seen before. Even as we are in the midst of the second phase of the national lockdown, there is no clarity on the time it will take to come out of the crisis, the extent of damage it will inflict, and the cost of relief and rehabilitation required. At a time when governments, both at the Centre and in the States, are fiscally stressed, the pandemic has forced them to undertake huge expenditures to save lives, livelihoods and reduce distresses and even more, to create a stimulus to revive the economy as we map the exit strategy.

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The Hindu, 22 April, 2020,

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