Three Myths and the Three Farm Laws -Arindam Banerjee

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published Published on Jan 7, 2021   modified Modified on Jan 7, 2021

Much of the discourse on the three farm laws are influenced by certain prevailing myths about Indian agriculture and the food situation in the country within the academic and policy-making circles. First, there is a common perception, propagated by the ruling establishment, that India is a ‘food surplus’ nation, particularly with respect to cereals. Our farmers have allegedly over-produced cereals due to the MSP-based government support system. Secondly, any removal of government control and regulations necessarily provide better prices for crop producers and therefore only reforms which facilitate the market are desirable. Third and finally, even if India is not flush with grains, the world is overflowing with grains and cheap food imports using the large, accumulated foreign exchange reserves can easily ensure food security for Indian masses.

The above three myths having nearly turned into popular opinion, baffles the lay observer as why large number of farmers, carrying rations and provisions for a few months, have encircled the capital city. Similarly, any concern raised regarding adverse food security impacts due to the undermining of crop procurement by the new Farm Laws is also brushed aside based on the same myths mentioned above. Let us look at each of these myths to comprehend the reality.

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