Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index falls short of nudging govts to undertake reforms -Mallika Mahajan and Pawan Kumar Sinha

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published Published on Feb 25, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 25, 2021

-The Indian Express

The Corruption Perception Index generates short-lived hype/hysteria but rarely prompts a Pygmalion effect.

Measurement of corruption has remained a perennial problem. Transparency International’s (TI) first Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released in 1995 was a bold initiative. Until then, corruption was a taboo topic. International financial institutions regarded corruption as an internal policy matter of the respective countries. Does the CPI nudge governments to initiate anti-corruption reforms, referred to as the Pygmalion effect?

Experts argue that the CPI is not a reflection of the corruption environment of a country and it cannot be a blueprint for sustained reforms sequencing because it fails to highlight the pressure points.

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The Indian Express, 25 February, 2021,

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