Your caste and class determines how you spend time -Rukmini S

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published Published on Oct 15, 2020   modified Modified on Oct 16, 2020

Women do the majority of unpaid work, but other divisions also affect how Indians spend their day, official data shows

Caste, class and geographic location determine how Indians spend the hours in a day - how much paid work they can do, how much unpaid work they must do, and how much leisure time they have. The first ‘Time Use’ Survey conducted by the government in 20 years shows the strong role of gender in determining how people spend their time. But it also shows how other key fissures in Indian society determine who gets to do what, and for how long.

The time use survey, released earlier this month, was conducted by the National Statistical Office in 2019, and asked a nationally representative sample of 450,000 people how they spent their days. The survey showed that women spend 84% of their working hours on unpaid activities, while men spend 80% of their working hours on paid work. Just 6% of men participate in cooking in any manner, and just 8% do any house cleaning.

But beyond this broad divide between men and women lie other cleavages. The poorest Indians spend the least time on paid work, and the richest Indians have the least time for sleep.

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