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According to Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index

Not many countries around the world are untouched by the scourge of corruption, according to Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index. 

Transparency International warned that protests around the world, often fuelled by corruption and economic instability, clearly show citizens feel their leaders and public institutions are neither transparent nor accountable enough.

The index scores 183 countries and territories from 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean) based on perceived levels of public sector corruption. It uses data from 17 surveys that look at factors such as enforcement of anti-corruption laws, access to information and conflicts of interest. Two thirds of ranked countries score less than 5.

India ranks 95 among 183 countries with a score of 3.1. China ranks 75 (score 3.6), Pakistan ranks 134 (score 205), Bangladesh ranks 120 (score 2.7) and Sri Lanka ranks 86 (score 3.3). 

New Zealand ranks first, followed by Finland and Denmark. Somalia and North Korea (included in the index for the first time), are last. 

Germany comes in at 14th, one notch better than 2010 and ties with Japan which came in 17th in 2010. The United States ranks 24th in 2011, two notches lower than 2010. China ranks 75th, three notches higher than in 2010.

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