Human Rights

Human Rights

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According to Crime in India 2012 published by the National Crime Records Bureau,


•    The total number of crimes committed against women increased from 2,28,650 in 2011 to 2,44,270 in 2012.

•    West Bengal reported 12.7% of total such cases in the country (30,942 out of 2,44,270). Assam reported the highest crime rate (89.5) as compared to the National average rate of 41.7.

•    The proportion of IPC crimes committed against women under total IPC crimes has increased during last 5 years from 8.9% in the year 2008 to 9.4% during the year 2012.

•    Madhya Pradesh has reported the highest number of Rape cases (3,425), Assault on Women with intent to outrage her modesty (6,655) and Importation of Girls from foreign country (59) accounting for 13.7%, 14.6% and 10.1% respectively of total such cases reported in the country.

•    Andhra Pradesh has reported 40.5% (3,714) of Insult to the modesty of Women cases.

•    Highest cases of Kidnapping & Abduction 20.7% (7,910) and Dowry Deaths 27.3% (2,244) were reported in Uttar Pradesh.

•    Offenders were known to the victims in 98.2% of Rape cases (24,470 out of 24,915).

•    A total of 36,622 cases of crime against women were reported from 53 mega cities out of 2,44,270 cases reported in the country during 2012. The rate of crime in these cities at 47.76 was comparatively higher as compared to national rate at 41.74

•    Among 53 mega cities, Delhi (City) accounted for 14.2% (5,194) of such crimes followed by Bengaluru 6.2% (2,263) and Kolkata 5.7% (2,073).


•    The total number of crimes committed against children increased from 33,098 in 2011 to 38,172 in 2012

•    An increase of 15.3% was reported in incidence of crime against children in 2012 over 2011.

•    Percentage distribution of crime against children w.r.t. all India figures for the year 2012 was Uttar Pradesh (15.8%), Madhya Pradesh (13.5%), Delhi (11.7%), Maharashtra (9.5%), Bihar (7.6%), Andhra Pradesh (5.9%), Chhattisgarh (4.9%), Rajasthan (4.7%), West Bengal (4.4%) and Gujarat (3.5%).

Human Trafficking

•    An increase of 1.1% in human trafficking incidence was observed (3,554 cases in 2012 as compared to 3,517 in 2011).

•    44.4% of decrease of cases of ‘Buying of Girls for Prostitution’ was reported during 2012 over 2011.

•    Cases under Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act increased by 5.2% (from 2,435 in 2011 to 2,563 in 2012). Tamil Nadu (500 cases) followed by Andhra Pradesh (472 cases) reported the highest incidence of 19.5% and 18.4% respectively of total cases (2,563) under Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

•    Uttar Pradesh reported 18.4% of total crimes against Scheduled Castes (6,202 out of 33,655) and Rajasthan reported 22.8% of total (1,351 out of 5,922) crimes against Scheduled Tribes in the country during the year 2012.

•    Rajasthan reported the highest rate of crime (45.5) against Scheduled Castes as compared to the National average of 16.7. Kerala reported the highest rate of crime against Scheduled Tribes (25.6) as compared to the National average of 5.7.

Police and Human Rights

•    57,363 complaints were reported against police personnel during the year 2012, out of which 2,289 cases were registered and 42 police personnel were convicted.

•    205 cases of Human Rights Violation by Police were reported during 2012 out of which 19 were charge-sheeted. The highest number of Human Rights Violation by Police was reported in Assam (102 cases)

•    109 Custodial Deaths were reported in the country. 7 policemen were charge sheeted and no policeman was convicted during the year. 1 case of Custodial Rape was reported in the country. 24 cases of custodial deaths were on account of suicide

•    Total number of police firing was reported on 548 occasions during 2012.

•    Maximum casualties of civilians were observed in unspecified (other) events (31) and maximum casualties of policemen were observed in Anti Extremists & Terrorist Operations (37).

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