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Want to help farmers, remove middlemen? Scrap the law governing agri markets -Ila Patnaik and Shubho Roy Model APMC Laws suffer from the same economic problem as the old ones. We should repeal APMC Laws and not replace them. Although India’s Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee legislation was enacted with the noble intention of increasing farmers’ income, it has had the opposite effect over the years. It has restrained farm income. The failure arises from the basic structure of the legislation, which creates the incentives for middlemen to collude...

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Centre ready to share burden of states' kisan welfare plans -Vishwa Mohan

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: As different states have come out with various schemes to protect farmers from price volatility, the Centre has expressed its willingness to support them all within the existing schemes and may even spend more in 2018-19 to procure agricultural and horticultural commodities at remunerative prices. "We will not reject states' requests. We would like states to procure as much as required to reduce farmers' pain and...

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How government can double farmer incomes Farmers need structural reforms, crop diversification and greater public investment rather than subsidies and price support Indian agriculture has been relatively untouched by the structural reforms that lifted incomes in other parts of the economy. Low farm productivity meant that governments tried to improve the lot of farmers through price policy. The problem is that engineering a shift in the terms of trade through higher support prices usually leads to generalized...

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APMC delisting: Vegetables price crash as farmers sell directly to consumers -Dilip Kumar Jha

-Business Standard Bitter gourd leads decline as green veggies nosedive up to 50% on Maharashtra's move to delist them from spot mandis Mumbai: Vegetables price have plunged in Mumbai over the past two weeks, on a sudden increase in direct supply from farmers to retailers and bulk consumers, following the state government’s removal of the legal compulsion for farmers to sell only at regulated wholesale markets (mandis). Prices of green vegetables have...

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PM launches e-NAM, calls it turning point for agri sector -Vishwa Mohan

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched e-National Agriculrure Market (e-NAM), connecting 21 wholesale markets (Mandis) in eight states. He called the move a "turning point" for the country's agriculture sector that would allow the farmers to decide "when, where and at what price" they sell their produce. Terming it an empowering tool for farmers, the Prime Minister also emphasised why he wanted this e-platform...

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