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'We Are in a Crisis': Fear of Uncertain Employment, Livelihood Grips Migrant and Sex Workers -Anusha Chandrasekharan “If they [sex workers] are ready to risk their lives by throwing social distancing to the wind and risk police beatings, does it not show how desperate they are for food?” said a sex worker. New Delhi: “We cannot even complain against the violence that has been meted out against us,” said Rohini Chhari, an activist working with members of nomadic and denotified tribes in Morena, Madhya Pradesh. “Because the government...

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Pandemic will deepen job and livelihood crisis of migrants: Study -Nagesh Prabhu

-The Hindu Lockdown has left about 42% with no ration and 33% were stuck in cities with no Access to Food, water, and money, shows research done by IIPS, Mumbai Bengaluru: Migrant workers, who constitute about 50% of the urban population and many of whom are engaged in what are called “3D jobs” (dirty, dangerous and demeaning) are likely to face job and livelihood crisis owing to COVID-19 pandemic, according to findings...

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Findings of the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey: Deprived childhoods -TK Rajalakshmi The first ever Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey exposes the shocking state of Indian children’s nutritional status, but this is apparently not an issue of major concern for the government or the opposition. The findings of one of the largest nutrition surveys ever conducted in the country on the shifting conditions of undernutrition, over-nutrition and obesity expose the disconnect between the one-sided and much-eulogised India growth story and the abysmal state of...

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Eggs in Mid-Day Meals, Anganwadis Will Ensure Nutrition -- and Gender Parity -Kanika Sharma Provision of eggs will ensure that girls and boys eat nutritious food in equal amounts and in unison, thereby upending the patriarchal norm of women eating last and least in the household. In an episode called “aam ka batwaara” (dividing the mango), Meena, a fictional character created by UNICEF in the 1990s, observed the unequal division of nutritious food in her household. It was Meena who climbed the tree and plucked...

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Aadhaar related inadequacies causing hunger and food insecurity in Jharkhand, allege Right to Food Campaign activists

-Press statement by Right to Food Campaign dated 19 November, 2018 At least two more persons died of starvation in Jharkhand in the last 25 days. This takes the total number of hunger deaths in the state to 17, since September 2017. The most recent victim is 45-year old Kaleshwar Soren who died of hunger and destitution on 11 November in Mahuatanr village of Jama block of Dumka district. A fact...

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