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What we should do about COVID-19 -P Sainath The government’s ‘package’ responding to the crisis is a blend of callousness and cluelessness With his first speech on the coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got us to scare evil spirits away by having people bang the hell out of their pots and pans. With his second, he scared the hell out of all of us. With not a word on how the public, particularly the poor, are to access food and other...

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Civil society presses for an increase in budgetary allocation for MGNREGA in FY 2020-21

-Press release by NREGA Sangharsh Morcha dated 27 January, 2020 As the Indian economy continues to languish, the government ignores the advice given by several noted economists, including that of the most recent Nobel winner Abhijit Banerjee, to improve the functioning of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). The economy is facing blow after blow. India has the highest rates of unemployment in the past 45 years and food inflation...

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Farmer suicide rate sees marginal decline in 2018, concerns remain -Sharan Poovanna & Shaswati Das * 10,349 farmers and Agricultural Labourers killed themselves in 2018 compared with 10,655 in the previous year * In 2015, the government published elaborate data on farmer suicides, including reasons for suicides BENGALURU/ NEW DELHI: A total of 10,349 farmers and Agricultural Labourers committed suicide in 2018, a marginal dip from the 10,655 cases in the year before, home ministry data showed. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data on accidental deaths...

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Sharp fall in farm suicides in 2016 claims latest NCRB data -Jitendra

-Down to Earth Telangana not among top five aby more; Maharshtra, Karnataka still at top The Narendra Modi government finally released the farm sector suicide data for 2016 after three years on November 8, 2019. According to it farmers' suicide numbers has declined sharply from previous years though the number of Agricultural Labourers taking their lives have jumped 11 percent. The 2016 report continued to underline the country's grim agrarian crisis. In...

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The minimum wage solution -Rajendran Narayanan & Sakina Dhorajiwala

-The Hindu While indexation of the NREGA wages is critical, lifting them to the minimum wage would help workers and the economy The government made two recent announcements at two ends of the spectrum to mitigate the economic crisis. One concerns a new indexation of NREGA wages meant to increase rural incomes. The second is a reduction in corporate tax rate. Prices of commodities increase each year, so it’s important to accurately estimate...

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