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Massive losses for farmers as floods ruin crops in Gujarat

-The Hindu Government has begun assessment of damage and will pay compensation: Minister Floods caused by incessant rains in parts of Gujarat have nearly ruined crops in more than eight lakh hectares leaving farmers, who expected bumper yield with the onset of monsoon, devastated. Farmers particularly in the Saurashtra region have been hugely hit as floods have destroyed their groundnut and cotton crops, the mainstay of Agriculture. Pulses and sesame have also been...

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Steady decline in farm sector suicides from 2016 to 2019, NCRB data shows -Deeptiman Tiwary

-The Indian Express A comparative study of data on Accidental Deaths and Suicides released by NCRB shows that suicides in the Agriculture sector have declined by 10% — from 11,379 in 2016 to 10,281 in 2019. Suicides in the farm sector have steadily declined over four years, according to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). A comparative study of data on Accidental Deaths and Suicides released by NCRB...

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Ways to ensure remunerative prices to farmers -A Amarender Reddy

-Down to Earth Several states have different levels of capabilities. Some states like Haryana and Punjab are historically in a better position to procure, while others like Bihar have limited capabilities Farmers’ protests about low harvest prices were a recurrent issue during the harvest period. A record harvest of paddy and other crops was expected during this harvest period. Market arrivals begin from October and end until December across India. Significant efforts from...

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Over three-fourth of workers lost their livelihoods since lockdown, finds ActionAid India's national survey of informal labourers

ActionAid Association's (AAA) national level survey among people dependent on the informal economy during the third phase of the national lockdown towards the end of May 2020 (i.e. between May 14th and May 22nd, 2020) has documented the "nature and extent of the transitions in the lives and livelihoods of informal workers, including migrant workers, during the pandemic and provide[s] an insight into the precarity they experience and the coping...

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Experts slam move for approving new Bt brinjal variety, cite regulatory lapses -Meenakshi Sushma

-Down to Earth The Event 142 variety of genetically modified brinjal was quietly given approval without any data in the public domain, claim experts Experts have slammed a recent move of the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) — a government-appointed committee responsible for appraisal of proposals of genetically engineered organisms — giving its greenlight for biosafety research-level-II (BRL-II) field trials for Event 142, a new variety of genetically modified brinjal (Bt brinjal)...

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