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Study on climate underlines need to change cropping pattern -R Krishna Kumar

-The Hindu Current method is based on pre-1960s rainfall data, says expert; report also calls for changes in agro plans owing to shift in rainfall and temperature variation A recent analysis of the last 58 years’ (1960 to 2017) weather data of Karnataka has indicated a considerable shift in rainfall pattern in the State, which has a bearing on Agriculture and water security. It calls for changes in the present cropping pattern and...

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'Agriculture and Atmanirbharta' Is a Noble Vision, but Needs Hard Decisions and Political Consensus -Siraj Hussain While self-sufficiency has been baked into how India has historically looked at the Agriculture sector, long-term planning is the need of the hour. In his address to the nation on May 12, 2020, the Prime Minister gave a call for Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. He said that the state of the world today teaches us that an Atmanirbhar Bharat is the only path and our scriptures mention eshah panthah, self-sufficient India. For Agriculture,...

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Explained: With better monsoon, what is the outlook for India’s farm sector? -Udit Misra

-The Indian Express More and better-distributed rainfall this year is likely to result in higher sowing, higher production, productivity and profitability for the Agriculture sector. While it is clear that India’s broader economy will contract this year, it is also true that well-distributed rainfall has meant that the Agriculture sector per se may be quite productive this year. A new report by Crisil throws light on the prospects of the farm sector. Here’s...

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Sugarcane waste helps increase yield of key cereals: Study -Anjali Marar

-The Indian Express Husk, bran, straw, stover, skin, molasses and bagasse are some of the agro-waste products obtained from rice, wheat, maize, millet and sugarcane. Farmers usually burn these waste products after harvest, often leading to massive air pollution as experienced in Delhi during winters. Pune: A new study has found that coating jowar, bajra, wheat and maize seeds with organic mixture derived from sugarcane residue increases the yield of these cereals. City-based...

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How our food choices cut into forests and put us closer to viruses -Terry Sunderland

-Down to Earth The food most associated with biodiversity loss also tends to also be connected to unhealthy diets across the globe As the global population has doubled to 7.8 billion in about 50 years, industrial Agriculture has increased the output from fields and farms to feed humanity. One of the negative outcomes of this transformation has been the extreme simplification of ecological systems, with complex multi-functional landscapes converted to vast swaths...

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