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Sugarcane waste helps increase yield of key cereals: Study -Anjali Marar

-The Indian Express Husk, bran, straw, stover, skin, molasses and bagasse are some of the agro-waste products obtained from rice, wheat, maize, millet and sugarcane. Farmers usually burn these waste products after harvest, often leading to massive air pollution as experienced in Delhi during winters. Pune: A new study has found that coating jowar, bajra, wheat and maize seeds with organic mixture derived from sugarcane residue increases the yield of these cereals. City-based...

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How our food choices cut into forests and put us closer to viruses -Terry Sunderland

-Down to Earth The food most associated with biodiversity loss also tends to also be connected to unhealthy diets across the globe As the global population has doubled to 7.8 billion in about 50 years, industrial Agriculture has increased the output from fields and farms to feed humanity. One of the negative outcomes of this transformation has been the extreme simplification of ecological systems, with complex multi-functional landscapes converted to vast swaths...

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Chhattisgarh’s Godhan Nyay: How it aims to revive rural economy, organic farming -Vineet Kumar

-Down to Earth A significant number of beneficiaries of the scheme are women and from backward community. Balod, Dhamtari, Durg, Raipur and Rajnadgaon districts have taken the lead in implementation The new Godhan Nyay scheme by the Chhattisgarh government — advertised as revolutionary — was launched July 2020 in the backdrop of the state’s flagship ‘Naruva-Garuva-Ghuruva-Badi’ programme. Naruva means a seasonal or perennial stream, garuva means animal husbandry, ghuruva means composting and badi...

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To resolve the agrarian crisis, there is need for more public investment in Agriculture, remunerative prices, and land reforms, among other things, say experts and activists during the Janata Parliament

-Press release by Jan Sarokar, dated 19th August, 2020 The Agriculture session of the Janta Parliament was held earlier today. Please click here to acccess the press release related to the online session on Agriculture that was held on 19th August, 2020. Please click here to watch the recorded session. In the session on Agriculture, the speakers included Hannah Mollah from the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), Prof R Ramakumar from the...

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Flatten Chambal ravines for farming? Why the ambitious plan may struggle -Sanjeeb Mukherjee & Ramveer Singh Gurjar

-Business Standard Union Agriculture minister is of the view that 300,000 hectares of rugged land is not cultivable, which if improved will help in the integrated development of the Bihad area Kamprakash Kansana from Nayakpura village in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh is apprehensive about the latest government move to flatten the Chambal ravines that lie close to his village to make them suitable for farming. The ravines, locally called, 'Bihad', which were...

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