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Through rain and floods, Assam’s community workers battle pandemic -Tora Agarwala

-The Indian Express Floods might be as old as Assam, but fighting a pandemic in these swirling waters is a whole new challenge for even the most seasoned health worker. GUWAHATI: It is the wind that has helped Pratima Barman plan her day as an accredited social health activist (ASHA) in Assam’s Dibrugarh district for seven years now. In the sapori (island) village where Barman lives, a strong gusty wind, coupled with...

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Shutdown of schools hits dairy and poultry farmers: Loss of mid-day meal market for milk and eggs -Harish Damodaran

-The Indian Express An example is the Karnataka government’s Ksheera Bhagya scheme, which offers free milk over and above the MDM food entitlement. The shutting down of schools due to Covid-19 is affecting not only children, now unable to access cooked nutritional food under the Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme, but also farmers for whom it provided an assured market. An example is the Karnataka government’s Ksheera Bhagya scheme, which offers free milk...

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Corona impact: Free lunch scheme for school children goes off the menu -Neetu Chandra Sharma * One fallout of the containment measures is that children have to do without the guaranteed school meal * Anganwadi Workers have been directed to anganwadi centres only to receive take-home ration NEW DELHI: Unaware of the covid-19 pandemic, four-year-old Jamuni, a malnourished girl in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh, is worried that her primary school has been closed for the last 20 days. Her worry revolves around missing the mid-day meals...

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Kerala's Citizen-First Approach To Fighting COVID-19 -Isaac Thomas Isaac

-NDTV "Social Unity amid Physical Distancing" is the slogan of Kerala in the war against COVID-19. It was coined after some elements began to use measures for social distancing to justify caste pollution distance norms. Kerala is harnessing its abundant social capital to overcome the limited fiscal space in which state governments are forced to operate in quasi-federal India. Led by a state government with commitment and the actualization of synergies...

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Women Write to CMs, Seek Delinking of NPR from Census 2021 About 1,000 women lawyers, academics and organisations have sent letters to all chief ministers, ahead of the updation process likely to begin on April 1. New Delhi: About 1,000 women lawyers, academics, Anganwadi Workers and organisations from 20 states have written letters to all chief ministers of the country, flagging to them the ‘grave danger’ to women due to linking the updation of NPR with the house listing of Census 2021. Releasing...

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