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Step-wells, done well -Aasheesh Sharma Restoring Baolis can help combat the Capital’s water problem, as well as conserve an age-old engineering marvel They say you cannot walk more than a few hundred yards in Delhi without colliding with history. Along with the hundreds of monuments lining up the national capital are some home-grown marvels of indigenous engineering. These stepwells, or Baolis, commissioned by the erstwhile rulers of Dilli not just helped propagate the message of water...

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India's water crisis: Lakes, ponds need urgent attention -Prasanna Mohanty Nothing short of a complete overhaul or rethinking the approach towards water bodies is needed if India were to fight its water crisis without paying too heavy price. * Water bodies are important to recharge groundwater and absorb excess rain to prevent flooding * Water bodies in India are fast disappearing triggering drought situations and water shortage * The significance of restoring or reviving water bodies cannot be overemphasised For far too long the...

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How India's Extraordinary 'Baolis' Began to Disappear -Malvika Singh In The Vanishing Stepwells of India, Victoria Lautman articulates how a traditional water conservation system was foolishly destroyed when the British took the reins. It is not difficult to comprehend the importance of water conservation. The resource is as precious and far more valuable than gold. Water will always be scarce and in arid, dry regions, the liquid is worshipped. It is an integral element in rituals that manifest faith. All...

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