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Flattening the climate curve -R Sukumar

-The Hindu Leaders should act on the climate crisis with the same alacrity they have shown towards COVID-19 Two interrelated curves began their upward trend two centuries ago with the advent of the industrial age. The first curve was the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (or, more generally, all greenhouse gases, GHGs) and the second was the average global temperature curve. An upward trend Actually, the CO2 curve began its upward march about 18,000...

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4-fold rise in green solution to burning of paddy stubble -Amit Bhattacharya

-The Times of India KARNAL/ LUDHIANA: For the past two years, Manoj Kumar Munjial hasn't set fire to a single straw of paddy residue in his fields sprawled over 45 acres at Taraori in Haryana's Karnal district. Instead, the young farmer uses the straw as an input for future crops. Even as the new wheat crop grows, the old residue sits in the field enriching the soil, conserving water, nourishing the...

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World lost 2.3 million sq km of forested land to drought in last three decades -Subhojit Goswami

-Down to Earth Successive droughts lead to a substantial and unsustainable expansion of cropland at the expense of forested lands “Droughts are misery in slow motion” with impacts even deeper than previously believed. Although floods pose major economic threats, water scarcity and drought may be causing long-term harm in ways that are poorly understood and inadequately documented, claims Uncharted waters: the new economics of water scarcity and variability, a report by...

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Indian NGO criticises U.S. climate action plans -Vidya Venkat

-The Hindu In the run-up to the U.N. climate summit in Paris in December, Indian environmental NGO, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), released a report which came down heavily on the U.S. — the second largest emitter of CO2 globally — for not doing enough about climate change, while preaching to other countries, including India, to “act.” In its report ‘Captain America U.S. climate goals: a reckoning,’ the CSE concluded that...

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MDG report: India on track in reducing poverty -TCA Sharad Raghavan

-The Hindu ‘But it still remains home to one quarter of global underfed population’ India has halved its incidence of extreme poverty, from 49.4 per cent in 1994 to 24.7 per cent in 2011, ahead of the 2015 deadline set by the U.N,, shows the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report, 2015, released on Tuesday. The report set the limit for extreme poverty as those living on $1.25 or less a day. The reduction...

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