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Rs 50,000 crore, or 20% of funds allotted for SC welfare, left unused by Modi govt in 4 years -Neelam Pandey From 2017-18 to 2020-21, approx. Rs 2.6 lakh crore was sanctioned for welfare of Scheduled Castes. Of this, Rs 49,722.18 crore was surrendered by ministries/departments. New Delhi: Around 20 per cent of the funds allocated for the welfare of the Scheduled Castes (SCs) between 2017-18 and 2020-21 — totalling approximately Rs 50,000 crore — were left unused by multiple Union ministries/departments, ThePrint has learnt. This, sources said, has led the Modi government...

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Mid-Day Meals play a crucial role in guaranteeing child nutrition in the post-pandemic world

School meals ensure nutrition for millions of vulnerable children across the world. Almost 370 million children worldwide are covered by school feeding programmes. While 100 million school children benefitted from the noon meal scheme in India prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries like Brazil (48 million), China (44 million), South Africa (9 million) and Nigeria (9 million) too run similar programmes for school children. However, an estimated 39 billion in-school...

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Why Modi Govt Looked the Other Way on Giving Cash Relief During Pandemic -Prabhat Patnaik Timidity vis-à-vis international finance capital, callousness toward people, and cynicism in manipulating the electorate and legislators, have made the Modi government one of the most ultra-Right governments in the world. The Narendra Modi government must be the most timid in the world vis-à-vis international finance capital. By the same token, it must be the most callous in the world vis-à-vis the working people of the country. The one is the flip...

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Farm bills: Politics now threatens to complicate the process -Ajay Vir Jakhar

-The Indian Express An opportunity has been lost in the lackadaisical handling of the issue. When the establishment ignores the historical context and the emotional component underlying any debate, mass protests can erupt to potentially shape the future. The people of Punjab would not have wanted a confrontation with the Union government, neither would I want to put it so bluntly, but around us, agitated farmers, with a strong common purpose, are...

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The Indian Economy on The Verge Of Collapse -Prabhat Patnaik The GDP growth in the first quarter (April-June) of 2020 over the first quarter of the previous year has been minus 24 per cent according to preliminary official estimates. But most knowledgeable people believe that even this is an underestimate of the actual contraction brought about by the lockdown. In fact, a former chief statistician of India, Pronab Sen, believes that the actual contraction would have been about 32 per...

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