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Whitefly destroys 2/3rd of Punjab's cotton crop, 15 farmers commit suicide -Subodh Varma & Amit Bhattacharya

-The Times of India BATHINDA: "It was just like the Japanese air strike in the film, Pearl Harbour," said Naresh Kumar Lehri, a seed and pesticide dealer at Singho village in Punjab's Bathinda district. "They appeared out of nowhere and left a trail of destruction." Lehri was referring to the devastating attack by whitefly, a common pest, on the cotton crop in Punjab's Malwa region this year. It has affected about two-thirds...

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Reaping success on a different turf -S Anandan

-The Hindu When Sreenivasan took up farming, the thumb rule was that pesticides would not be used Kochi: As we go about farming the fields using fertilisers and pesticides, who’s tending the dense and diverse vegetation in forests — which have more fruit-bearing trees and edible roots? The question by Subhash Palekar, noted propounder of zero-budget farming, got actor Sreenivasan thinking about modern farming practices. “Everything that’s there to nurture vegetables and fruits...

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Natural farm products get boost with new project -Jabir Mushthari

-The Hindu Kerala: 'Vithu Muthal Vipani Vare Vishudhi' launched by Earth Care Foundation to ensure maximum price for farmers and toxin-free food for consumers. The Earth Care Foundation Trust, a non-profitable organisation working for spreading zero-budget farming methods, has launched a project ‘Vithu Muthal Vipani Vare Vishudhi’ in the district on Tuesday aimed at ensuring a steady market for the produces of registered natural farmers. Besides, the trust also aims at giving them...

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Tribal Priestesses Become Guardians of Seeds in Eastern India -Manipadma Jena

-IPS News NIYAMGIRI: As the rhythmic thumping of dancing feet reaches a crescendo, the women offer a song to their forest god for a bountiful harvest. Then, with earthen pots on their heads and their spiritual creatures – a pigeon and a hen – in tow, they proceed in single file on a long march away from their village of Kadaraguma, located on the Niyamgiri mountain range in the Rayagada District of...

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Organic foods: Are they more nutritious? Are they safer? Or are they plain lies? -Rhythma Kaul and Shehzin Shaikh

-The Hindustan Times Despite paying as much as double the price, many health-conscious consumers who think they've gone organic really haven't. Information obtained by Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI) under the Right to Information Act proves that farms that claim to be organic regularly use Chemical Pesticides to protect their crops, yet market and sell their produce under the organic tag. Evidence of this practice came to light after information from...

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