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What data told us about India in 2022 - Akshi Chawla

DeCEDA/Qrius 2022 was a milestone year for India. India walked into 2022 with an infectious wave of Covid-19 impacting lakhs of people, the wave receded a few weeks into the year. As hopes for a post-pandemic recovery surged, war in Ukraine brought in new challenges for the economy. With supply chains disrupted, global sanctions imposed on Russia, prices of fuel and food shot up. Inflation, already on a high from pent-up...

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India's fabric -Sumit Roy and Murli Dhar

-The Telegraph Demand for sustainable or organic cotton on the rise, providing an opportunity for the country to excel A few years ago, images of the drying up of the eastern bed of the Aral Sea had shocked millions. It was linked to the widespread growing of unsustainable cotton, backed by the Uzbekistan government, to pocket greater forex earnings and satiate the demands of the global fashion industry. The demand for sustainable...

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NGOs demand the right to quality education of migrant children from the govt.

--Press release by National Coalition on the Education Emergency dated 31st October, 2022 More than 12 organisations and several individuals were part of a national consultation where issues faced by migrant children were discussed and actionable recommendations were proposed.  Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi, October 31, 2022: Not-for-profit organisations and civil society institutions have demanded that migrant children be provided the right to quality education immediately and have proposed an actionable framework...

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Fodder price rise: Cattle numbers in western UP fall due to runaway inflation -Sunil Kashyap Not far from Delhi, within the northern capital region, lies a significant part of western Uttar Pradesh. At one time, nearly all rural households in this region were engaged in animal husbandry. Rearing cattle is how most of the area’s women made money—while  the men often worked in farms or migrated to urban areas for employment, the women stayed at home. Their day began with washing and feeding the cattle....

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Dropping out: Editorial on India Discrimination Report 2022

-The Telegraph The women’s labour force participation rate, which measures the proportion of women in the age group of 15 to 64 who are working or are actively seeking work, has been estimated to be 25.1 per cent India Discrimination Report 2022 has been recently published by Oxfam. The data used in this report are drawn from the National Sample Survey, Periodic Labour Force Survey, and the All India Debt and Investment...

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