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From Jan Breman, a Treasure Trove of Essential Analysis on Labour, Bondage and Capitalism -Jayati Ghosh Breman's central finding about the close coexistence of capitalism and labour bondage contains remarkable nuggets of hope for transcendence. For more than half a century, Jan Breman has diligently, insightfully and creatively studied the life of labour in India, and specifically in Gujarat. His searing descriptions and acute analyses based on painstaking fieldwork and a broad but clear theoretical framework have informed our understanding of the conditions of rural – and urban...

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Circular Migration is holding back India's urbanization -Dipti Jain Many urban workers go back to their villages instead of settling in cities with their families, a study shows One of the biggest announcements after Narendra Modi assumed office was the announcement of the smart cities project, which involves overhauling of urban infrastructure in 100 Indian cities. In April, Niti Aayog chairman Arvind Panagariya predicted India’s urbanization rate to increase to over 60% in the next 30 years, assuming a 7-9%...

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Denied your rightful wages? Dial 1800-1800-999 for help

At the Labour Line office of Aajeevika Bureau situated at Syphon Chouraha on Bedla Road in Udaipur, Santosh Poonia said that 12,926 calls were received by his office between August 2011 and March 2016, out of which almost 37 percent were payment-related grievance calls. During the same time-span, 2,008 payment-related cases (as received by the Labour Line office) could be settled. Poonia, who is Programme Manager (Legal Education and Aid...

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Prof. Jan Breman, Professor Emeritus at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, interviewed by G Sampath

-The Hindu Jan Breman takes a long view of the changes he’s seen in India over half a century. Perhaps no other scholar in the social sciences has studied India’s poor and its informal economy as intensively as Jan Breman. The sheer temporal span of his research is mind-boggling. He began his study in south Gujarat 15 years after India’s Independence — in 1962. And he was in south Gujarat in...

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Vexations of agrarian India -AR Vasavi Agriculturists’s woes are not just forms of a crisis, but also indicate the deceleration of the agrarian economy Unseasonal rain, falling commodity prices, increasing input costs, decreasing size of land holdings, and now the political move to “acquire” all land into the globalizing market. The agony-list that agriculturists can make of their current situation can be even longer for all these are not just forms of a crisis, but also indicate...

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