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Centre’s Covid-19 fiscal stance is flawed -CP Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

-The Hindu Business Line Fiscal policy in India has been very timid amidst harsh, inefficient (in terms of public health outcomes) lockdown spells. Unless this changes, the economy may dive further As India faces the biggest economic crisis since Independence, it is being led by a central government in denial about the severity of the impact on lives and livelihoods, and spreading false hopes about the immediate future. The Monthly Economic Report of...

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Rehabilitation of Gulf returnees: Telangana to start training, provide jobs in construction sector -Rahul V Pisharody

-The Indian Express Over 19,000 Gulf returnees register with government for training at the National Academy of Construction. As the latest unlock guidelines come into effect, Telangana has decided to go ahead with the rehabilitation of the Gulf migrants who have recently returned to the state owing to Covid-19 pandemic and other reasons. While the pandemic has expedited the process of their return, it was in October last year that Telangana Chief Minister...

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Why society owes Asha workers a debt -Dipa Sinha

-Hindustan Times Expanding better opportunities with decent wages for frontline workers could also contribute to the revival of the rural economy by putting wages into the hands of many, and take us closer to achieving our health and nutrition goals The unsung heroes of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic have most definitely been the millions of frontline women workers, especially Accredited Social Health Activists (Ashas) who have been working tirelessly at...

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Indian economy is heading for a K-shaped recovery and it won’t be a pretty sight -TN Ninan K-shaped recovery means the growing gap between ‘winners and losers’. An example in India is the stock market being healthy while millions have lost their jobs. Amidst the flood of commentary that followed the finding that the world’s fastest-growing large economy had become its fastest-shrinking one, an observation that stood out was that India’s growth potential had dropped from 6 per cent to 5 per cent. Now, it has been obvious...

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83 lakh new NREGA cards since April, record surge in 7 years - Harikishan Sharma

-The Indian Express Covid effect: 28.32% jump over last year, UP tops with 173% rise in new cards IN a clear sign that MGNREGA has emerged as a safety net for lakhs amid the economic distress triggered by Covid-19, over 83 lakh new households have been issued job cards under the scheme during the first five months of the current financial year. Signficantly, this number — from April 1 to September 3—...

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