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Indian economy is heading for a K-shaped recovery and it won’t be a pretty sight -TN Ninan K-shaped recovery means the growing gap between ‘winners and losers’. An example in India is the stock market being healthy while millions have lost their jobs. Amidst the flood of commentary that followed the finding that the world’s fastest-growing large economy had become its fastest-shrinking one, an observation that stood out was that India’s growth potential had dropped from 6 per cent to 5 per cent. Now, it has been obvious...

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83 lakh new NREGA cards since April, record surge in 7 years - Harikishan Sharma

-The Indian Express Covid effect: 28.32% jump over last year, UP tops with 173% rise in new cards IN a clear sign that MGNREGA has emerged as a safety net for lakhs amid the economic distress triggered by Covid-19, over 83 lakh new households have been issued job cards under the scheme during the first five months of the current financial year. Signficantly, this number — from April 1 to September 3—...

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The dispensable India: Data shows how DNTs, Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims bore lockdown brunt -Anusha Chandrasekharan

-Down to Earth These communities have suffered on most social indicators due to a mix of poor logistics as well as prejudice and ostracisation   Dalit, Muslim and Adivasi households and neighbourhoods have suffered terribly in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic in the months following the declaration of the countrywide lockdown, data collected by a group of civil society organisations has showed. These communities were not able to avail...

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A guide to flattening the curve of economic chaos -Jayati Ghosh

-The Hindu Well-thought-out policies can reverse the results of incompetence; the onus is on the Centre to spend now Now it is official: India has managed to become the global leader in the number of new daily cases of Covid-19 and the worst performing of all major economies during the pandemic so far. How did we manage this double feat? Not through ‘acts of god’, but because of the incompetence and apathy...

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Is MGNREGA in danger of running aground because of insufficient allocations in the Covid-19 pandemic? -Debmalya Nandy

-Gaon Connection As against the current allocation of Rs 101,500 crore towards MGNREGA this financial year, there is a need for an additional allocation of Rs 100,000 crore towards the programme to meet the work demands of rural population. As of August 24, the Government of India is left with about Rs 45,000 crore for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), and there are still seven months to go in...

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