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Prashant Bhushan, noted Supreme Court lawyer and human rights activist, interviewed by Krishnadas Rajagopal (The Hindu)

-The Hindu If you have not said anything wrong and if you fully believe in what you have said, then your ego should be such, your self-righteousness should be such that you don’t cave in just because they are offering you an easy way out, says the civil rights lawyer. Civil rights lawyer Prashant Bhushan was punished for Criminal Contempt by scandalising the Supreme Court. The court punished him with a ₹1...

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The cost of stifling voices -Rohini Somanathan

-The Hindu In doing so, we risk the disengagement of those most invested in preserving our democratic institutions Ethical explorations often begin with emotional injury. Something simply feels wrong, and you ask yourself whether you are missing an important bit of information or the right perspective. This happened when I read the Supreme Court judgment pronouncing senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan guilty of Criminal Contempt for his two “scurrilous” tweets. I have known...

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UP Making Repeated Attempts to Quash HC Order Demanding Healthcare Overhaul -Anoo Bhuyan The state government has been seeking an ex parte injunction on Allahabad high court's wide-ranging judgment on its health system, but has not been granted one yet. New Delhi: For the last several weeks, the Uttar Pradesh government has been trying to file a petition in the Supreme Court, seeking an ex parte injunction on an Allahabad high court judgement prescribing a massive overhaul and audit of the state’s public health...

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Supreme Court: how could Jayarajan be denied right to appeal?

-The Hindu   The Supreme Court on Tuesday took a serious view of the Kerala High Court sending Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader M.V. Jayarajan leader to jail for contempt without giving him an opportunity to file an appeal, and ordered his release on bail forthwith. Mr. Jayarajan, who was found guilty of Criminal Contempt by the High Court for criticising the judiciary, was sentenced to six months' simple imprisonment and a...

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Fair reporting of court proceedings won't amount to contempt: Bench

-The Hindu   Greater the power to punish for contempt, higher the responsibility Fair reporting of court proceedings and fair comments on the legal issues do not amount to contempt, the Supreme Court has ruled. “The power to punish for contempt is inherent in courts of record and described as a necessary incident to every court of justice. The power is an alienable attribute of court and inheres in every court of record. This...

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