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Why UP Govt Filed 25 Criminal Cases Against This Dalit Farmer -Flavia Lopes & John Simte The Uttar Pradesh government is entangling Dalits, Adivasis, who demand land rights or protest Displacement, in cobwebs of criminality by using its version of a colonial law meant to unconstitutionally exile and humiliate ‘goondas’. Mumbai/ New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has filed more than 25 criminal cases against a 65-year-old Dalit farmer called Shyamlal Paswan, ever since he sought formal rights to the land he farmed. Under the Forest Rights...

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India bore maximum brunt of extreme weather events in 2020: Report -Jayanta Basu

-Down to Earth As many as 2,067 lives lost to floods in India through the year, the highest in the world due to climate change-induced events Floods and Cyclone Amphan in India accounted for maximum loss of lives globally due to climate change-triggered events in 2020. The cyclone, which ravaged Sunderbans in the southern fringe of West Bengal and hinterland including Kolkata in May 2020, led to “the biggest Displacement” in world...

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Farm laws worsen a development model that covets land, ignores cultivator -Vasundhara Jairath

-The Indian Express For a healthy agrarian sector, the state must strengthen and protect the position of the cultivator. As long as land acquisition continues at its current pace, there is little chance of that happening. As farmers from Punjab and Haryana force the central government into unconditional talks, demanding nothing less than a repeal of the three new farm laws, the BJP-led NDA government insists the reforms are “farmer-friendly”. The farm...

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Why Recovery at Cost of Worker Immiserisation Won’t Last Long -Prabhat Patnaik GDP recovery from the lockdown-induced abyss is accompanied by significant labour Displacement and squeeze on wages, which will impact aggregate demand. Ministers from Narendra Modi to Nirmala Sitharaman are talking about a recovery of the Indian economy from the pandemic-induced crisis. Even the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which estimated the second quarter GDP growth to have been -8.6%, has seen signs of recovery in October. Of course, there had to be...

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Can the right to work be made real in India? -G Sampath

-The Hindu It can be made workable if there is political will and fiscal resources As economies around the world struggle to recover from the double whammy of a pandemic and a lockdown, unemployment is soaring. In India, the land of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), the promise of jobs and the politics of unemployment have a long history. Can a citizen demand work as a right, and...

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