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Why farms of every type and size have to be climate smart

-Hindustan Times This climate impact on agriculture is a cause for worry: the sector accounts for a large share in gross domestic product (16%) and employment (49%). Poor agricultural performance can lead to high inflation, rural distress, and political restiveness, as recent rural agitations and Farmer Suicides have shown. An annual review by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), a wing of the agriculture ministry, has said that crops, plantations...

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India claims to be self-sufficient in food production but facts say otherwise -Jitendra

-Down to Earth If the government decides to feed all its hungry people, India's tag of a net exporting country will be easliy lost India is riding high on the agricultural success story it has written over the past few years. Record-breaking food-grain production was registered in seven years in the past decade. From 217 million tonnes in 2006-07, the country’s production jumped to 275.11 million tonnes in 2016-17. Three years...

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Farm Distress Stands In The Way Of A Fourth Term For The BJP In Chhattisgarh -Shreehari Paliath Baloda Bazar, Kabirdham (Kawardha), Rajnandgaon, Mahasamund, Kanker (Chhattisgarh): “I’ll ask them to give me a job first and then think about giving my vote,” said 28-year-old Kekti Verma, holding back her tears. “I have three girls, the eldest one is 10 and youngest four. I haven’t got any help till date from the government.” Kekti is the widow of Dhal Singh Verma, a two-acre paddy farmer in Sararidih in Baloda...

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Maharashtra Farmer Suicides have nearly doubled under BJP govt, drought to blame -Manasi Phadke Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis says his govt has tried to handle the drought situation, but any farmer suicide remains a matter of concern. Mumbai: Farmer Suicides in Maharashtra have nearly doubled in the four years of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government, despite a surge in the overall expenditure on the agriculture sector. Data from the state’s relief and rehabilitation department shows that 11,225 Farmer Suicides were recorded between January 2015 and...

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No escaping the debt trap!

-The New Indian Express A new worrisome report released by the government-owned NABARD claims that 79 per cent of Telangana farmers are struggling to repay their loans on time. HYDERABAD: Every successive government has implemented scheme after scheme “to save” the debt-ridden farmer, yet none of them seem to have made any impact. A new worrisome report released by the government-owned NABARD claims that 79 per cent of Telangana farmers are struggling...

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