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The missing women in India’s workforce -Dipa Sinha

-Hindustan Times Studies have shown that women are willing to be employed, negating the argument that cultural factors keep women from working outside the household According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey 2018-19, the Female Labour Force Participation Rates among women aged above 15 years are as low as 26.4% in rural areas and 20.4% in urban areas in India. Both supply and demand factors contribute to the low levels of employment...

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Budget 2021 Expectations: A budget full of hope, a transformative opportunity for India’s women and girls -Soumya Kapoor Mehta, Sona Mitra and Kanika Jha Kingra

-Financial Express Union Budget 2021 Expectations by Women: The Union Budget 2021-22 presents an opportunity to ensure that India’s economic growth and development is inclusive. Union Budget 2021-22 Expectations by Women: The year 2021 started with a renewed sense of hope, with vaccines for COVID-19 being rolled out across several nations. There is also hope that countries will be able to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels of growth by designing and delivering...

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Skills study: Over next 5 years, just 1 in 5 entrants to labour force a woman -Aanchal Magazine

-The Indian Express While the NSO’s Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2017-18 had estimated Female Labour Force Participation Rate for 15 years and above at 23.3 per cent, the comparative numbers of other countries highlight the labour market’s gender skew. Just one out of five persons — in the 15-30 years age bracket — entering the labour force is expected to be a female in the five years ending 2023, when...

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India's workforce is masculinizing rapidly -Rukmini S Fewer women are working now, and those who are work long hours for low pay, data from India’s latest official employment survey show Just nine countries around the world, including Syria and Iraq, now have a fewer proportion of working women than India, new official data confirms. And if Bihar were a country, it would have the lowest share of working women in the world. Among urban women who do work,...

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The gender ladder to socio-economic transformation -Divita Shandilya

-The Hindu More than a ‘more jobs’ approach, addressing structural issues which keep women away from the workforce is a must India is in the middle of a historical election which is noteworthy in many respects, one of them being the unprecedented focus on women’s employment. The major national parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, have reached out to women, and their respective manifestos talk of measures to create more...

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