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Opinion: India, Where Have All the Women Gone? -N Chandra Mohan NEW DELHI: Women account for less than half of India’s population but their participation in the workforce is way below that of men. They account for 27 per cent of the workforce. If – and it is a big if – their number were to increase to the same level as men in the workforce, the country’s output of good and services would expand by 27 per cent, argues Christine...

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Why toddlers are on a leash in Delhi -Amulya Gopalakrishnan

-The Times of India Though laws mandate creches, daycare is like a dream for unorganized labourers. A house is being built in Vasant Vihar, one of the many plots in the neighbourhood under construction. Men and wom en are hard at work. On the ground floor, two-year-old Jitin has been standing by a plastic can for a long, long time. A string around his ankle tethers him to a table. "He could hurt...

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UPA's job generation record better: Jairam

-The Business Standard Says it ensured more inclusive growth here, with better paying jobs, compared to NDA govt's record The perception that more jobs were created during the 1998-2004 National Democratic Alliance government than that of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) isn't based on facts, said Jairam Ramesh, the minister for rural development. From projections based on a National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) study, 60 million jobs were created between 1999-2000 and...

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Exploring Rural-Urban Dynamics- A Study of Inter-State Migrants in Gurgaon

-Society for Labour and Development The key findings of the report entitled Exploring Rural-Urban Dynamics- A Study of Inter-State Migrants in Gurgaon: Researching Labour and Migration between Home and Destination States and Developing a Holistic Rural-Urban Approach (2014) is provided below: 1. Overwhelming majority of the inter-state migrants in Gurgaon are men in the age group of 18 to 40 years. While garment industry elsewhere has majority of Female Workers, Gurgaon's export-oriented...

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Where have all the women gone? -Vani S Kulkarni, Manoj K Pandey and Raghav Gaiha

-The Hindu Overcoming son preference in India remains a daunting challenge as even educated women are prone to it Have women fared better than men, and girls better than boys in the last decade or so? In the din over a dramatic reduction in poverty in the period 2009/10-2011/12 that is unlikely to die down, deep questions about the discrimination and deprivation that women face from the womb to the rest of...

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