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Are we listening to the lessons taught in the first year of Covid-19? -Ashish Kothari

-The Indian Express The pandemic revealed the precarious state of India’s informal sector. Localised production, trade and markets offer a better alternative to existing paradigm of development. Another wave of COVID, another round of lockdowns, another long journey back home for migrant workers. If there is one lesson we are learning after a year of COVID-19, it is that we have not learnt any lessons, at least not the crucial ones. 2020 exposed...

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Burning of Thunberg’s images are symbolic warnings of possible fate that awaits woman seen as ‘too independent’ -Sanjay Srivastava

-The Indian Express If the sight of a group of men torching images and effigies of a young woman does not make our stomachs churn, then, perhaps, we have become completely habituated to the idea of violence against women and past efforts to address the issues have been in vain. The arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi on the charge of sharing a protest “toolkit” and the burning of posters and effigies...

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Ashwani Kumar, political scientist, interviewed by Nistula Hebbar (The Hindu)

-The Hindu It is shocking that those who build fantasy cities not only can’t own a home of their own but also can’t vote in elections, says political scientist Ashwani Kumar Political scientist Ashwani Kumar, whose forthcoming co-edited book titled Migration and Mobility is to be out soon, speaks on migration, inter-State workers and amendment to the Inter-State Migrant Workers Act, 1979. * The COVID-19 crisis for India has also become a humanitarian...

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A gendered view of India's nutrition strategy -Phalasha Nagpal

-The Hindu Business Line The rise in female malnutrition can be countered by integrating a women-focussed initiative with the National Nutrition Mission India is home to the largest proportion of malnourished children in the world, with widespread prevalence of stunting, wasting and people being underweight. That said, a more pertinent factor is that malnutrition is the most significant contributor of the under-five mortality in India. According to the United Nations, India has...

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How Much Is a Woman's Labour Worth? Rs 37 a Day, According to the Indian Govt -Neha Dixit Mid-day meal cooks in Bihar – mostly women from Dalit and Adivasi communities – are subject to the worst kind of institutional Gender Discrimination. Patna/Jehanabad/Bhojpur (Bihar): On February 11, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi served the third billionth Akshay Patra mid-day meal in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, he said that his “government has given special focus on the nutrition of the children because a healthy childhood is the foundation of New India”. “Modiji...

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