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For the Camels of Rajasthan, a Struggle for Survival – and Relevance -Aastha Maggu

-The Wire Science The camel is known popularly as the ship of the desert. But for all their resilience in the austere environs of the Thar desert, their numbers have plummeted in recent years. According to the 20th livestock census, released in 2019, there are some 2.5 lakh camels, down from the 4 lakh counted during the previous census in 2012. And this decline has environmentalists, policymakers and camel herders worried. Rajasthan...

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'Our livelihood depends on this land': A solar park in Gujarat is hurting a pastoral community -Karthikeyan Hemalatha India Spend The Charanka solar park may help India reach its renewable energy goals, but it has a hidden cost. The parched brown land in Charanka village in North West Gujarat, around 50 km from India’s border with Pakistan, seemed endless. In peak summer, during one of the worst droughts to hit the region in 30 years, it seemed devoid of all life – even doughty bush plants have lost most...

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Can goats secure livelihood for small and marginal farmers?

-Down to Earth The Centre's discussions on boosting the goat sector to double farmers’ incomes may be futile if fodder and Grazing Lands, both diminishing, are not ensured Since goats were domesticated 10,000 years ago, they have been poor people’s most reliable livelihood insurance. In India, goats are the most reliable source of earning a living in ecologically degraded areas. The reason: a goat has everything a poor or a person...

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Jallikattu not enough to keep away foreign breeds -Saranya Chakrapani

-The Times of India For the state government, the protection and preservation of indigenous bulls is not a swift goal formed out of the jallikattu row, but a mandate under Article 48 of the Constitution of India. In the last few weeks, an argument that has repeatedly articulated itself is that the ban on jallikattu will decimate Tamil Nadu's indigenous cattle breeds. However, jallikattu is just one of the determining factors...

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How Gujarat's Maldharis Are Asserting Their Rights Over the Banni Grasslands -Gaurav Madan To oppose the forest department’s plan to limit open grazing, the pastoral community is formally pursuing their collective land rights through the Forest Rights Act. The sun has not yet decided to rise. It’s pitch black out but a group of Maldharis has already assembled for the last session of this year’s milking competition. Their massive buffalos are majestically adorned with intricate garlands and colourful necklaces. The panch (group of five...

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