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Make peace with nature now -Inger Andersen

-The Hindu This year can go down as the year when we set the planet on a path towards healing As COVID-19 upends our lives, a more persistent crisis demands urgent action on a global scale. Three environmental crises — climate change; nature loss; and the pollution of air, soil and water — add up to a planetary emergency that will cause far more pain than COVID-19 in the long-term. For years, scientists...

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Climate change needs to be addressed or else be ready to pay the price

A recent report by Christian Aid -- an international NGO based out of London -- says that the world was not just hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it actually faced massive loss of lives and livelihoods owing to the intensification of the ongoing climate crisis. Climate-related disasters varied from fires in Australia and the United States, floods in China, India and Japan to storms in Europe and the...

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from man-managed grasslands similar to global croplands -Prachi Singh

-Down to Earth Study highlight need to use sustainable management to preserve and enhance soil carbon storage of grasslands. A new study shows that emissions of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from grasslands increased by a factor of 2.5 since 1750 mainly due to increased emissions from livestock. This has more than compensated for reduced emissions from the shrinking number of wild grazers, said the study published in Nature Communications. The net...

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Paris Accord: A race against the clock to keep the planet cool - G Ananthakrishnan

-The Hindu Joe Biden, who won the 2020 presidential race, could take the U.S. back to the leadership position in the fight against climate change The U.S. could become the leader in the world’s quest to avert dangerous climate change under a Joe Biden presidency, marking a return to global cooperation and reversing President Donald Trump’s isolationist rejection of efforts to cut carbon emissions. On November 4, a year after serving notice, and...

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In Kerala village, farmers can mortgage their trees for interest-free bank loans -Vishnu Varma

-The Indian Express The ingenious plan, a brainchild of state Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac, was formally rolled out earlier this week in Meenangadi, a panchayat of 33,000 people curled up in the Western Ghats hills in Wayanad district. Kochi: In a bid to encourage planting and preserving trees and thereby reduce carbon footprint, a village in Kerala has kickstarted a project that will allow farmers to mortgage the trees on their...

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