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A Govt Unequal to the Task as Economy Sinks -Prabhat Patnaik The significant fall in government expenditure during the lockdown is just the opposite of what the Modi government should have done. A striking aspect of the 24% decline in India’s GDP in the first quarter of 2020-21 compared with the first quarter of the last fiscal year is the decline by 10.3% in public administration, defence and other public services. This is a sector where the GDP (gross domestic product) is...

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Why India has emerged as pandemic epicentre, despite early lockdown -Rukmini S Despite early steps, India could not stave off the surge because of later mis-steps and legacy issues in Health and administrative capacity With more than five million cases, India is now emerging as the epicentre of the covid-19 pandemic. India has already overtaken Brazil in terms of total confirmed cases, and at the current trajectory, will surpass the US within four weeks. Given that the US and Brazil are closest to India...

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Desperate economic situation calls for immediate boost to government expenditure -Prabhat Patnaik

-National Herald Universal cash transfer to non-income tax households is imperative apart from covering investment on infrastructure, including social infrastructure like Healthcare A striking aspect of the 24 per cent decline in GDP in the first quarter of 2020-21 compared to the previous year’s first quarter is the decline by 10.3 per cent in public administration, defence and other public services. This is a sector where the GDP is estimated not by...

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India should opt for income support so that pandemic does not turn into a financial crisis -Jahangir Aziz

-The Indian Express What is needed is ample income support for households and firms now so that the recovery is not hamstrung by excessively damaged balance sheets Even a cursory reading of Brazil’s recent history will confirm that the adoption of the all-encompassing cap on government spending in late 2016 was critical in rescuing the economy from the crisis of 2014-16. After riding the commodity boom of the 2000s, economic mismanagement and a...

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No data of dead Healthcare staff: Harsh Vardhan

-The Tribune After failing to come up with data on the number of migrants killed while making their way back to villages, the government said it did not have the complete data on the number of Healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses, support staff and ASHA workers, who have been affected by and died of Covid. However, the government said kin of 155 Healthcare staff, including 64 doctors, had sought relief under...

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