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India’s descent into stepwells of growth -Kaushik Basu * Poor handling of the pandemic threatens to derail our competitive advantage in the global economy * India’s economy is well-positioned in IT and outsourcing; health and pharma; and Higher Education and research, which are sectors expected to be leading drivers of global growth NEW YORK: India’s economy is in a downward spiral. The Economist Intelligence Unit just lowered the forecast for India’s growth in the coming year from -5.8% to -8.5%....

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Academic Freedom In India: A Status Report, 2020 -Nandini Sundar and Gowhar Fazili

-The India Forum Nandini Sundar teaches at Delhi University. Gowhar Fazili teaches at Ambedkar University Delhi. Academic freedom is about the right to study, teach and research a diversity of viewpoints. Yet, this right that is so crucial for the pursuit of knowledge has seen widespread attacks in colleges and universities across India. The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 claims it is based on principles that include creativity and critical thinking, constitutional values,...

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‘Light But Tight’: Whose National Education Policy is it Anyway? -G Arunima

-Outlook India Merit, not inclusion. ‘Holistic’ instead of ‘liberal’. Shallow eclecticism rather than criticality: NEP 2020 is full of pious keywords that mask a violent lurch back towards hierarchy and unfreedoms. The past decade has witnessed tumultuous events and changes in the history of Indian Higher Education. In part, some of these stand out as they are recent, and still alive in public memory. These have ranged from fierce student protests demanding...

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Ensuring delayed marriage requires concerted efforts to keep girls in school for longer -Sheila Vir

-The Indian Express A well-educated woman’s chances of making informed decisions and exercising greater agency in the household is monumental in breaking the cycle of poverty, ill health, as well as malnutrition. India’s Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) stands at 122 as per the latest Sample Registration System (SRS) bulletin from last year — a significant decline from an MMR of 556 in 1990. A parallel decrease in the prevalence of child marriage...

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Online education must supplement, not replace, physical sites of learning -Satish Deshpande

-The Indian Express We have long ignored the vital role public educational institutions play as exemplary sites of social inclusion and relative equality. In Indian conditions, this role is arguably even more important than the scholastic role. The current craze for online education (OE) reminds me of the wall graffiti advertising sex clinics that are visible across urban north India. These ads promise guaranteed cures — shartiya ilaj — for all kinds...

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