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Tracking the pandemic’s rural march -Himanshu

-The Hindu States, especially in the north, are facing the brunt of the second wave, made worse by their poor health infrastructure When the first wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the country, the central government imposed the strictest lockdown for almost two months. For most of the migrants stuck in urban areas without incomes, jobs and food to survive, the only escape was to walk back to the rural areas...

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Prioritising the right to life -Harsh Mander, Jayati Ghosh and Prabhat Patnaik

-The Hindu A monthly cash transfer to informal workers will provide them relief and also revive the economy The majority of India’s working population is today reeling from the impact of multiple crises: a health emergency more ferocious than any in independent India; massive job losses and dramatic declines in incomes from work; and significantly increased mass Hunger and worsening nutrition. Many failures The Supreme Court on May 13 directed the Centre and the...

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The Hunger Pandemic -CP Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

-The Hindu Business Line/ The disease ripping through the country is only one of the destructive forces affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians. The dramatic increase in Hunger is another. Like devastation wrought by the current surge in coronavirus infections, this too is the result of policy failure and official callousness. It is already causing immense suffering among affected people and will have serious repercussions on their...

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Rising Hunger stares rural India in the face as the second wave of COVID invades villages The second wave of COVID19 hits rural India and the lockdown makes a comeback once again causing loss of livelihoods. People in villages are eating less, and many cannot afford vegetables and pulses. Plain rice and salt, or roti-chutney is what families are eating. But for how long? Sitting on the front steps of his home floor in Satna district’s Kitha village, 12-year-old Ravi Yadav holds a big thali on his...

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Harsh Mander: A lesson in how to end the mass suffering unleashed by India’s first lockdown -Harsh Mander A report by the collective Hunger Watch reveals the extent of continuing Hunger caused by state policy, and recommends ways to end the distress. A spectacularly uncaring, unaccountable state has abandoned Indians to their fate. Bodies are piling up, pyres burn late into the night, and corpses are buried in anonymous mass graves. Loved ones are choking to death because their governments failed to secure them oxygen. Vaccines have fallen short...

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