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Improving diet of low-income households only way to address chronic malnutrition -Veena S Rao

-The Indian Express Raising the diet of our people from subsistence level to higher levels of nourishment by overcoming the triple deficit is the only way to improve the nutritional indicators of our population — amongst children, adolescents and adults. It is nearly a month since the first phase of the NFHS-5 survey was published. While we await a response from the government or any policy-making authority, several articles by public health/policy...

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Why mushrooms should be included under ICDS and MDM scheme -Partha Pratim Mazumder

-Down to Earth Mushrooms in one’s daily diet will eventually promote a healthy body, behaviour and brain power The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has prompted some experts to look at the consumption of mushrooms, known for their immunity-boosting anti-viral properties, with renewed vigour. In fact, immunity has been one of the most-searched keywords on the internet since the last few months. Immunity is basically the foremost defence system against all sorts of viruses,...

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Study points towards hunger and destitution amidst hope for a V-shaped economic recovery

Preliminary findings of a survey among 3,994 respondents from 11 states reveal that most vulnerable households and communities, such as SCs, STs, OBCs, PVTGs, slum dwellers, daily wage labourers, farmers, single women headed households, etc. continue to witness depressed incomes during September-October in comparison to their income levels prior to the lockdown. The face-to-face survey conducted by the Right to Food Campaign and Center for Equity Studies (instead of telephonic...

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Delhi: Families facing income crunch,100k+ kids turn to anganwadis -Fareeha Iftikhar

-Hindustan Times According to data shared by the department, around 560,000 children were enrolled in Delhi’s anganwadi centres before the lockdown was enforced in March, a number which has since shot up Over 100,000 children have enrolled in the city’s anganwadi centres over the course of the pandemic, official data shows, as families whose incomes have been severely hit over the past few month move their children from private institutions in search...

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Eggs or not: Why Madhya Pradesh is debating anganwadi meals again -Iram Siddique

-The Indian Express Madhya Pradesh is one of the worst affected states by malnourishment, with the state’s tribal population worst affected. The lockdown has disrupted various government schemes for providing nutrition. Bhopal: Ahead of bypolls in 27 seats, the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh finds itself walking a tightrope after Women and Child Welfare Minister Imarti Devi recently reiterated her proposal to provide eggs to children in anganwadis and pregnant women to...

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