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Has Bangladesh’s economic rise taken the wind out of the NRC narrative? -Shoaib Daniyal The final NRC data seems to have belied myths about both the quantum of migration from Bangladesh as well as the religious affilitation of the migrants. For more than five decades now, fear of migration from Bangladesh (and earlier Pakistan’s East Bengal province) has influenced the politics of Assam. To justify this, very high estimates of numbers of Bangladeshi migrants have been put out in the public domain in India. In 1997,...

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Left to the whims of the executive -Malavika Prasad

-The Hindu The Citizenship Act is a mere skeleton, whose flesh and blood was left to be dictated by executive action The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 tells us who, in the eyes of the Indian government, has a right to be considered for citizenship. So far, no illegal migrant could be considered for citizenship. Now, the government can grant citizenship to persons with certain religious identities (Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Christians, Buddhists)...

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The NRC is part of the BJP's attempt to redefine India's identity

-The Telegraph The Opposition’s feebleness at this moment of crisis for our secular, democratic founding principles is deeply worrying Once the chariot starts rolling, it is difficult to stop it. The Union home minister’s announcement in Parliament last week that the National Register of Citizens will be carried out throughout the country, including Assam in the ‘natural course of events’, rang with the confidence of a rolling chariot that can ignore all...

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NRC applicants hit by lack of government records -Naresh Mitra

-The Times of India GUWAHATI: Many NRC applicants in Assam who had submitted refugee registration certificates to back their residency claims are in a fix after the authorities rejected 60 out of every 100 such documents on grounds of unavailability of corresponding records with the government to corroborate their authenticity. “This is just a conservative estimate. The number could be higher,” said an official involved in the process of updating the NRC...

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Thumbs up in Assam for new NRC deadline -Rahul Karmakar

-The Hindu Re-verification would have caused a lot of misery, says AAMSU GUWAHATI: Various organisations in Assam welcomed the Supreme Court’s order extending the deadline for publishing the final NRC to August 31 and turning down the request of the Centre and Assam government to conduct 20% sample re-verification of listed names in the districts bordering Bangladesh and 10% in the other districts on Tuesday. In a joint statement, the Assam State Jamiat...

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