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Crop risks, environmental damages, hunger and the 2020 farm laws -KAS Mani

-Down to Earth Improved access to new markets, better yields and higher income need to safeguard environmental sustainability and farmers’ Indebtedness The ongoing agitation by farmers on the borders of Delhi provides an opportunity to flag concerns about various aspects in the agriculture sector, including the environment, society, economy, food security and risk coverage for farmers. Several commentators have already spoken about the 2020 farm laws, supported by statistics, and experience. Many of...

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Hit By Indebtedness and Suicides, Punjab Farmers Worry New Laws Will Make Things Worse -Pawanjot Kaur Researchers have found that small and marginal farmers and Dalit landless labourers are worst affected by the region's agrarian distress. Sangrur/Patiala (Punjab): In the villages of Punjab, strike a conversation on farming  expenses with anyone, and they will say, “Karja tan hai hi (Of course, we have taken loans).” It’s these loans – from both institutional and non-institutional sources – that largely help the rural economy run in the state. But...

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Condemning the new farm laws, Vikalp Sangam urges the government to help the country move towards a more sustainable, regenerative and diverse agricultural system

-Press release by Vikalp Sangam (, dated 5th December, 2020 Vikalp Sangam ( -- a conglomeration of 60+ active CSOs and members -- in its press release dated 5th December, 2020 has stated that the newly enacted farm laws of the Centre will lead to further land alienation (landlessness) and destitution of the peasantry because the laws permit, in thinly disguised form, the unsparing loot by the lobby of agri-businesses and...

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Over three-fourth of workers lost their livelihoods since lockdown, finds ActionAid India's national survey of informal labourers

ActionAid Association's (AAA) national level survey among people dependent on the informal economy during the third phase of the national lockdown towards the end of May 2020 (i.e. between May 14th and May 22nd, 2020) has documented the "nature and extent of the transitions in the lives and livelihoods of informal workers, including migrant workers, during the pandemic and provide[s] an insight into the precarity they experience and the coping...

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Over three-fourth of workers lost livelihoods since lockdown, finds a national survey of informal workers conducted by ActionAid India

-Press release by ActionAid India dated 13th August, 2020 Out of 11,537 respondents, over three-fourths reported that they had lost their livelihood since the imposition of the lockdown. Close to half of the respondents said that they had not received any income, and about 17 per cent had received only partial wages. Approximately 53 per cent said that they had incurred additional debt during the lockdown. More than half of the...

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